1540 6th Street (under construction)

1540 6th St. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

The 6th Street Apartments stand as a testament to bold modern design, a distinctive 38- unit apartment building that not only exemplifies architectural innovation but also embodies a powerful commitment to our communities and neighborhoods through its low-income housing offerings. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to contribute to the betterment of society while providing residents with an elevated living experience. Every tenant is welcomed with a private deck, allowing for personal relaxation and outdoor connection, fostering a sense of individuality within a collective space.

Emphasizing security and convenience, the 6th Street Apartments offer secure underground parking for all units, ensuring peace of mind and ease of access. With a variety of floor plans, including 2-bedroom, 1-bedroom, and spacious studio units, the apartments cater to diverse needs and preferences. The sense of community is further enhanced by the roof deck, complete with a shared BBQ and entertainment area, encouraging residents to come together and forge connections. Envisioned as a haven for holistic well-being, the rooftop gym offers panoramic views of the LA skyline, where residents can engage in invigorating workouts while being inspired by the urban landscape. Through its harmonious blend of modern aesthetics, community consciousness, and thoughtful amenities, the 6th Street Apartments redefine urban living, enriching lives and neighborhoods in equal measure.

Designed by Albert Group Architects
​​​​​​​Developed by Masion by PGB

Sustainable Design Features

  • Highly insulated building envelope.
  • Insulated low energy glazing to maximize external energy inputs.
  • EV charging systems
  • Water conservation focused and low impact development compliant.
  • Low flow fixtures.

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