5100 District Shipping Center (under construction)

5100 District Blvd., Vernon, CA 90058

The 5100 District Shipping Center emerges as a beacon of sustainability and energy conservation, exemplifying a design and building envelope that harmonizes with its surroundings while minimizing its ecological footprint. Encompassing 70,000 square feet of distribution and storage floor, this center offers an exceptional solution for the modern logistical demands of a dynamic world. Complementing this expansive storage space is a carefully curated 6,000 square feet of private office space, complete with an inviting employee lounge and a second-story mezzanine, providing a harmonious balance between functionality and comfort.

At the heart of the center's structural ingenuity lies a lightweight steel frame roof, offering both durability and flexibility to accommodate evolving needs. The tilt-up construction technique showcases architectural innovation while enhancing efficiency in construction and operations. A prominent feature, the six-bay raised indoor loading dock, boasts automated lifts that streamline the loading and unloading process, ensuring seamless logistics. With security and safety as paramount concerns, the inclusion of two overnight loading docks guarantees the protection of sensitive cargo. The center further demonstrates its commitment to facilitating efficient workflows by providing private office parking, enhancing convenience for staff and visitors alike. The 5100 District Shipping Center stands as a testament to contemporary design, sustainability, and functional excellence, poised to redefine the landscape of distribution and storage facilities.

Designed by Albert Group Architects
​​​​​​​Developed by Masion by PGB

Sustainable Design Features

  • Insulated low energy glazing to maximize external energy inputs.
  • Highly insulated building envelope tilt-up construction.
  • Designed to maximize passive heating, cooling, and ventilation.
  • Resilient building design focused.
  • EV charging systems

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